Flooding inundates Slovenia and the Balkans

At least one person is killed as parts of southeast Europe are swamped by heavy downpours.

    Flooding has hit much of southern and eastern Slovenia over the past few days  [Reuters]
    Flooding has hit much of southern and eastern Slovenia over the past few days [Reuters]

    One person has been killed and another is still missing after torrential rain triggered flooding in Slovenia and the Balkans.

    The couple were in a vehicle when it was swept away by floodwater in northeast Slovenia.

    Flooding hit much of eastern and southern parts of the country over the past few days, with the flood water inundating homes and rendering roads impassable.

    Krka and Sava rivers have over flowed their banks, and rivers in neighbouring Croatia have also been unable to cope with the influx of water.

    One of the worst hit locations in Croatia is the central town of Karlovac.

    Karlovac is known as ‘grad na cetiri rijeke’ (the town on four rivers), and has a history of flooding.

    It was founded by the Austrians in 1579 to strengthen their defences against the Ottoman army. Historians believe that it was intentionally built on ground that was prone to flooding in order to hamper the Ottoman advance.

    Karlovac was also submerged in January and May this year, and flooding is so common that the town uses flood sirens to alert residents when flooding is imminent.

    The sirens sounded on Saturday morning, signalling the start of evacuations of several communities along the rivers Korana and Kupa.

    The rain is expected to gradually track eastwards over the next few days, bringing torrential downpours to Hungary, Serbia and western Romania.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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