Wind, rain and snow

Images of summer storms in the southern hemisphere and also a taste of winter in Mexico

    Its been a dramatic 24 hours for some in the world of weather. Tropical Cyclone Dumile has hit La Reunion in the southern Indian Ocean, Rio de Janeiro has gone from a heatwave to floods and Mexico has seen some rare snowfall.

    La Reunion does hold the record for the heaviest daily rainfall. In 1966 1825mm of rain was recorded in F0c-Foc in just 24 hours. Dumile was far more modest in terms of rainfall totals, but the storm certainly made its presence felt as it grazed the western side of the island.

    Staying in the southern hemisphere, devastating rains have also being in evidence in Brazil. A few days ago we were talking about Rio basking in the hottest start to summer in 100 years. Since then an intense cold front has brought torrential rain and floods to the region in a very dramatic change.

    Further north we’ve seen a healthy dusting of snow across northern Mexico and the southern half of Texas. Its made for some tricky travelling conditions, but also some scenic pictures too.


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