Second snowstorm in a week for North America

A less severe snowstorm has hit the northeastern US and Canada, just a few days after a much bigger, deadlier system.

    The second snowstorm in a week saw much of the northeastern US and eastern Canada blanketed in snow.

    Accumulations of up to 20 centimetres were reported in southern New England. Further south, New York and Philadelphia saw a mix of rain and snow.

    There were transport problems, too, with a 20 vehicle pile-up reported in the I93 in New Hampton, New Hampshire.

    Nevertheless, this storm was much less severe than the one which developed on Christmas Day across the southern states, spawning 30 tornadoes and giving Little Rock, Arkansas its first snowy Christmas Day in more than 80 years.

    A total of 16 people are believed to have died in this storm, mainly as a result of traffic accidents.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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