Downpours across Texas

Rain proves useful rain for the drought-hit state

       In 2011, the drought that gripped Texas triggered widespread forest fires, which destroyed thousands of homes [EPA]

    102mm of rain drenched the city of San Antonio, leading to flooding in some parts of the city.

    Although the downpour caused problems on the roads, in the long term this rain will prove very useful.

    The southeast of the USA is in the grip of a drought, with the more severe conditions being in New Mexico and Texas.

    The rains over the region over the last few weeks have been welcomed, but the rain hasn’t alleviated the problems as much as some hoped.  At this time of year, the rainwater evaporates quickly, so not as much of it will soak into the soil as it might during the winter.

    May is usually the wettest month for San Antonio, and this year it has been even wetter than usual.

    Of the last 10 days, only 2 have been rain-free. The latest downpour brings the monthly total to 249.92 mm, which is over twice the average of just 107mm. This has ensured that San Antonio has seen more rain in the first five months of this year than in all of 2011.

    The spell of wet weather is expected to continue over the next few days, with more downpours anticipated.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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