Severe storms hit Bangladesh

Gusty winds flatten homes in the northern parts and the rainy season hasn't even started yet.

    Storms are often deadly in this region, partly due to the basic forms of housing  [Photo: EPA]

    Bangladesh has been hit by torrential downpours over the past few days and the rainy season hasn’t even started yet.

    The rains begin in earnest in early June, this time of year would normally be very hot, with just the odd scattering of thunderstorms. However, this year they’ve been particularly potent.

    Another batch of storms hit the northern districts on Monday night and local media are reporting that these have caused the deaths of 13 people, with a further 100 people injured.

    Winds gusting up to 80 kilometres per hour tore down trees and even some houses. The problems in the region were made worse because the houses are generally quite rustic, often constructed of mud and wood, which don’t stand up very well to severe weather. Hundreds of homes are said to have been flattened by these storms.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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