Europe set fair for the holiday weekend

Warm weather expected for Europe, in time for the weekend.

    Pleasant weather is forecast for Europe on the holiday weekend [EPA]

    Spring storms continue to batter North America, but on the other side of the Atlantic we have some beautiful weather lined up for the holiday weekend.

    We are currently looking at temperatures around 10 degrees above the seasonal average with warm sunshine for most. London, Paris, Berlin and Vienna will see temperatures up around the mid 20’s Celsius over the next few days.

    London will actually be warmer than Rome where highs will be nearer 20C, which is just about right for mid to late April.

    Much of Europe is under the influence of high pressure. High pressure acts as a lid on the atmosphere with air generally pushing downwards, so the skies remain clear and winds tend to be light.

    However, it goes without say that you can’t have glorious sunshine everywhere, away from the high, the atmospheric pressure is lower so the air will tend to rise.

    As it rises, it cools and forms rain clouds bringing wet and windy weather.


    In this case the wet and windy weather is squeezing into southwestern Europe. Madrid will struggle to reach the mid-teens over the next few days with heavy rain spreading across Spain and Portugal into the western side of the Mediterranean Sea.

    Northwest Africa will also see some unusually wet weather and we may even see flash flooding across northern Morocco and Algeria over the next few days as low pressure pushes in from the Atlantic.

    Meanwhile, unsettled weather has already made the news across North America. With 9 days still to go, the USA is having a record breaking tornadic April. So far this month there has been 272 confirmed tornadoes, beating the previous record of 267 which was set 37 years ago.

    The average for April is 163.

    We do expect to see more tornadoes before the month comes to an end, and then the season really gets underway.

    In a typical May, there will be 298 tornadoes, with 236 in the month of June.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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