Iraqi youth fight unemployment with startups

Stuck between endless waiting lists for a job in the public sector and with a frail private sector, Iraqi youth are beating unemployment by establishing their own startups.

Rising unemployment in Iraq is provoking growing demands – particularly by young people – for government action.

The International Monetary Fund says youth unemployment is more than double the government’s official rate of 20 percent.

The jobless often blame corruption and mismanagement while government leaders say the problem stems from years of conflict.

A solution to unemployment is The Station, established last year by young Iraqis to assist startup companies.

The Station is privately funded by local and international non-government organisations and offers office space for rent and access to experts to provide business guidance.

But many jobless Iraqis say it is still not enough to help tackle growing unemployment around the country.

Al Jazeera’s Dorsa Jabbari reports from Baghdad.