Trump-Kim summit fever hits Vietnam’s streets

US and North Korean leaders met for a round of talks in Vietnam’s capital, with entrepreneurs cashing in on the meeting.

Hanoi, Vietnam – The leaders of the United States and North Korea met in the Vietnam capital, Hanoi, on February 27 and 28 in a follow-up to last year’s historic Singapore summit.

As Hanoi geared up to host Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, it wasn’t just the beefed-up security, sold-out hotels and fluttering flags across Hanoi that marked the occasion.

Locals in Hanoi used the occasion to market their skills and businesses, and it has been a happening week for the tourists.

Bars served “Peace Negroniations” and “Rock it, man”, T-shirts bearing the two leaders’ face were flying off the shelves and a hairdresser was offering Kim and Trump cuts for free.

Video by: Faras Ghani