A Moroccan designer hoping to revive the art of embroidery

A Moroccan designer is teaching underprivileged children the art of embroidery, a Moroccan tradition at risk of extinction.

Sale, Morocco – Fadila el Gadi, a Moroccan designer, runs an institute that teaches underprivileged children the art of embroidery.

She established the school to save embroidery – a part of Morocco’s culture – from extinction.

El Gadi had a lifelong love for the art of embroidery and, after becoming a fashion designer, realised she needed to act fast if she wanted to see more of that art.

“Opening a school that teaches embroidery was not only my dream but also a necessity given how this art is dying,” Gadi told Al Jazeera.

The children spread across the room in the centre just outside the capital Rabat are either dropouts or have never been to school.

“This not only helps conserve the tradition but also gives these kids hope for the future because otherwise they had nothing to look forward to.”


Video by: Faras Ghani