Overpopulation and neglect threatens iconic Algiers Casbah

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but why is the future of Algeria’s famous Casbah not looking so rosy?

Algeria’s ancient Casbah has survived empires, colonisation and centuries of changing civilisation.

It’s been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for more than 25 years.

But many residents of the citadel in Algiers risk losing their traditional way of life, due to overpopulation and neglect.

According to one of the elderly craftsmen, professions like wood craftsmanship are becoming a dying art: “We have to save craftsmen working inside the Casbah because it’s falling into ruins. We need to restore this area. We urgently need help, without help, handicraft is going to disappear. Several types of crafts have already disappeared, like the copperware, or the ornament makers.”


Al Jazeera’s Hiba Morgan reports.