Thousands of DR Congo refugees escaping violence to Uganda

Al Jazeera travels Lake Albert, on the DR Congo-Uganda border, to meet some of the refugees who have fled violence in Congo.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is not attending its own donor conference in Geneva on Friday, saying the United Nations had exaggerated the number of people who need aid.

Escalating violence has displaced more than four million people within Congo, according to the UN.

Since December alone, 70,000 have fled fighting in the east to camps in neighbouring Uganda.

Al Jazeera’s Malcolm Webb has retraced the refugees’ journey.

He’s travelled from Uganda’s capital Kampala to the Kyangwali camp, where most of the refugees are resettled.

He then headed to Kasenyi Landing Site, on the shore of Lake Albert in Congo.

This is where many refugees take boats to escape to Uganda. And finally, he visits Bunia and a camp for people who have fled the fighting.