Empire - Marwan Bishara - episode 1

About Empire

Marwan Bishara analyses global powers and their agendas.


The monthly show that questions global powers and their agendas.

Be they state, corporate, military or economic the Empire team, headed by Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst, will analyse these giants and how they strive to dominate everything from international security and finance to communications and the news itself.

Each month we fuse the best Al Jazeera field reporting and in-depth studio debate with leading analysts and commentators to discuss the most significant geo-political issues of the day.

About Marwan Bishara


Marwan Bishara is Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst.

He was previously a professor of International Relations at the American University of Paris.

An author who writes extensively on global politics, he is widely regarded as a leading authority on the Middle East and international affairs.

The Empire team

Leon Ferguson, programme editor

Hiba Khalil, researcher

Florence Phillips, associate producer

Juan Pablo Raymond, associate producer

Tim Tate, senior producer

Empire can be seen on Al Jazeera in the last week of every month. To join the debate send your thoughts to empire@aljazeera.net or click on the feedback button above.