Islam in America - Rageh Omaar special

Islam in America

Rageh Omaar explores the roots and influence of Islam in the US.


In a special two-part documentary Rageh Omaar journeys across the United States exploring the story of Islam in the country.

He attempts to discover if – far from being fundamentally incompatible – Islamic America holds the seeds of a lasting solution to global discord between east and west.

The American Crescent

Rageh looks at why Islam has come to be described by some people as a “very American faith”.

He traces its history in the US and talks to American Muslims about how their belief is compatible with the principles of American democracy.

And he learns that growing interest in and study of this early history is fostering a re-emerging sense of tolerance and acceptance, which extends to the nation’s most recent immigrants.

Islamic Stars and Stripes

In the second part of his journey, Rageh looks at how America’s Muslims have coped with the aftermath of the events of 9/11, exploring the demands of patriotism and belief.

Meeting with believers and scholars, he looks at how the boundaries of “traditional” Islam are being pushed, and asks whether America is in fact witnessing a reformation that can sow the seeds of reconciliation.

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