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Overshadowing the Beijing Olympics

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Air pollution is a huge problem in Beijing

The organisers of next year’s summer Olympics in the Chinese capital, Beijing, are claiming that theirs will be the best Games ever.

That prediction may turn out to be correct – but one persistent issue threatens to over-shadow the success of the games – literally!

Air pollution is a huge problem in Beijing, and , as Wayne Hay found out, no one can say for sure yet what its impact will be.

Basketball champions

The Spanish team are the new number one

If you are a basketball fan you will know which country boasts the current World Championship title.

If not, you may be guessing the United States or perhaps Serbia or Argentina.

But you would be wrong.

Spain is the new number one in the game, and as Al Jazeera’s Carrie Brown reports, Spanish players are in big demand in the world’s best league, the NBA.

Canada’s Sport

 Canadians are crazy about ice hockey

European and South American countries have football.

India and Pakistan have cricket.

Australia and New Zealand have rugby, and America has its baseball.

But in Canada ice hockey reigns.

Brendan Connor recently travelled to the city of Edmonton – to have a look at why Canadians are so crazy about their sport.

Extreme daring

Felix Baumgartner base jumping

To finish the show Sportsworld’s Andy Richardson reports on the latest exploits of a man who continues to push the boundaries in extreme sport.

Felix Baumgartner holds the world records for the highest and lowest ever ‘base jumps’.

His latest feat of daring took him to the Middle East, and into the record books once again.

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