Copa America, the Worlds Longest running international football tournament.

Copa America Special

This week Sportsworld is presented by Andy Richardson in Venezuela for the Copa America.

The Copa Amercia is the world’s longest running international football tournament

Copa America preview

Sportsworld looks ahead to Copa America, the world’s longest running international football tournament.

Andy Richardson reports on why hosts Venezuela have high hopes despite a relatively poor international reputation.



Pele on the USA

Fifa footballer of the century, Pele

The USA are at the Copa America for the first time.

Sportsworld took the opportunity to speak to Pele, Fifa footballer of the century.

Pele talks about his hopes for the future of football in the United States.


Winter Olympic hopefuls

Three cities vying for the honour of hosting the 22nd Winter Olympic games

The International Olympic Committee will soon decide which city will host the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Three cities, Sochi in Russia, Salzberg in Austria and Pyongchang in the Republic of Korea, are vying for the honour of holding the 22nd winter games.

Sportsworlds Wayne Hay weighs up the competing candidates.

Baseball Nation

Baseball is the national sport of Venezuela

We finish our Copa America preview programme where we started, in Venezuela.

The South American nation may be preparing to host the region’s footballing elite, but many of the locals have another game on their mind.

Football is not the national sport of Venezuela. That honour goes to Baseball.

This episode of Sportsworld airs from 25 June 2007

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