About Sportsworld

Going behind the scenes of major and not-so-major sporting events.


The Sportsworld team brings you a truly global perspective on the world’s main sporting events but also takes you behind the scenes, speaking to some of the unsung heroes and personalities of those events.

Whether they be professional or amateur, famous or unknown, glamorous or otherwise, sportsmen and women from around the globe will feature on Sportsworld.

Twice a week, the programme looks at the latest action from football, tennis, golf, cricket, athletics, boxing, cycling, sailing, motor racing and a host of other sports.

Meanwhile, Sportsworld’s correspondents are out and about, getting the inside track on the teams, the players and the coaches making the news. And they will also be finding sporting action and reaction in the most unusual of places.

So, whether you are into football or fencing, tennis or taekwondo, boxing or billiards, sailing or sumo, there are no limits to how far the Sportsworld team will go to bring you the best in world sports action.

Our sports presenter are (from left to right above) Carrie Brown, Rahul Pathak, Wayne Hay, Joanna Gasiorowska, Andrew Richardson and Brendan Connor.

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