'The England camp is a soap opera'

Talk of poppies and John Terry has helped to hide England's real inadequacies says the Daily Telegraph's Henry Winter.

    The Daily Telegraph's Football Correspondent Henry Winter talks to Al Jazeera's Lee Wellings

    When discussing the England team it is sometimes easy to forget they even play football. 

    England rarely play at Wembley without a drama unfolding in the background.

    On Saturday, England match-up to the world champions Spain in a friendly international. 

    However, this week the John Terry racism allegations and talk of poppies has taken the attention off Fabio Capello's depleted and inexperienced side.

    As the team gets weaker, the off-field talk seems to become louder.

    The Daily Telegraph's Henry Winter talks to Al Jazeera about the madness that surrounds the English camp and how it hides the side's real deficiencies.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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