McLaren unveil GT3 racing car

CEO Martin Whitmarsh discusses team's first racing version of road car since 1997.

    McLaren have unveiled a racing version of their MP4-12C road car, to be raced in GT series.

    The car's race debut will be run by the McLaren factory and CRS Racing at Spain's Circuito de Navarra later this month.

    CRS Racing Team Principal Andrew Kirkaldy will drive the car, along with Portugal's Alvaro Parente and Britain's Oliver Turvey.

    Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren's chief executive, said the car is a first step, with the company planning new models to compete in other categories in the future.

    Al Jazeera's Louise Potter visited the team's headquarters in Surrey in southern England and spoke to Whitmarsh about the car and Formula One.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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