Rebel offensive tips Yemen deeper into crisis

Houthi fighters tighten their grip on Sanaa and other areas as deadline to appoint new PM passes without developments.

    A US air strike has killed five suspected fighters in eastern Yemen amid a worsening political crisis in the Arabian Peninsula nation. The country's national security chief has denied reports that Houthi rebels, who overran many areas of the capital Sanaa on Sunday, have stormed the national security headquarters. 

    Government officials claim the old regime of deposed President Ali Abdullah al-Saleh had a hand in the swift fall of Sanaa in the face of the Houthi assault.

    Under a deal signed on Sunday between the Shia rebels and the government, a new prime minister was to be appointed, but as Al Jazeera's Mohamed Vall reports from Sanaa, the deadline has already passed without any developments.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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