Film shows Syrian 'wedding' fleeing to Europe

Documentary makers may face prosecution after dressing a group of refugees as a wedding party to hoodwink border guards.

    Millions of Syrian civilians have been forced to flee abroad to escape fighting between rebels and government forces since the country's uprising began in 2011.

    The documentary "On the Bride's Side", which is being shown at the Venice Film Festival, follows a group of refugees trying to reach Europe from Syria.

    Freelance journalist and writer Gabriele Del Grande and Palestinian-Syrian poet Khaled Solaiman al-Nassiry decided to help smuggle the refugees across countries and borders by dressing them as a wedding party. 

    The unusual attempt to evade border guards could now take the makers of the film to a real-life jail.

    Al Jazeera's Phil Lavelle reports from Venice.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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