Bungled restoration attempt destroys painting

The 19th-century Spanish artwork was ruined after an octogenarian decided it was deteriorating.

    A 19th-century Spanish fresco by painter Elias Garcia Martinez has been destroyed after an octogenarian grandmother decided it was deteriorating and attempted to fix it.

    Spanish news EFE reported that Cecilia Jimenez, a resident of the Spanish northeastern town of Borja, entered into the church where the fresco of Christ was exhibited and decided "of her own accord and at her own risk" to repair the work.

    The woman was reportedly not happy with the way the fresco had deteriorated.

    She later confessed to the damage she had caused, but told state television TVE she had been given permission by the church's priest to fix it.

    To make matters worse, a donation had just been received to have the fresco repaired professionally.

    Experts are now trying to work out whether they can restore the restoration.

    Some people have been spreading variations of this 'new' artwork on the internet, including a version of the famous Last Supper painting. Do you have any variations? Please email them to us at yourmedia@aljazeera.net

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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