Olympic legacy under threat

Schoolchildren in East London participate in the 'Values Games', but their funding has been cut by the UK Government.

    London Olympics organisers have always emphasised the legacy of the Games, saying the benefits to the city will last long after the last medal ceremony.

    They even promised that as a result of the Olympics, more young people would be participating in sport.

    But instead of increasing sports funding in the poor East London suburbs that are hosting the Olympics, funding has actually been cut.

    Al Jazeera’s Lee Wellings reports from East London.

    Note to readers:

    The Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation is a charity providing outstanding opportunities and support for young people in Tower Hamlets to reach their potential, realise their ambitions and develop personally through sport. The Foundation achieves this by delivering an invaluable service to 90+ schools in Tower Hamlets. If you would like to support the Foundation please contact Chris Willetts: T 020 7987 4811 or E:willettsc@langdonpark.org

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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