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Mona Lisa's 'twin' to be displayed

Painting, to be exhibited at Madrid's Prado, said to have been created at same time as Da Vinci's masterpiece.

    An near-identical painting of the Mona Lisa is set to go on display in Madrid, after having been secreted away for centuries at the Spanish capital's Prado art museum.

    Not only was it apparently painted at the same time as her more famous twin, the portrait appears to have been done in the same studio used by Leonardo Da Vinci, the artist of the legendary painting, which is displayed at Paris' Louvre museum.

    Experts believe one of the Renaissance artist's students may have painted the doppelganger alongside Da Vinci, matching him stroke for stroke to create a remarkable copy.

    Al Jazeera’s Peter Sharp reports.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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