Supporters lament verdict in Hrant Dink case

Activists say state officials played a part after Istanbul court convicts one person, ruling out conspiracy.

    A court in Istanbul has convicted Yasin Hayal for inciting the killing five years ago of Hrant Dink, the journalist and rights activist.

    The court acquitted 19 others, saying there was no wider conspiracy, but Dink's supporters and human rights activists insist some state officials played a part.

    They marched to the site where Dink was killed in front of his office in Istanbul.

    Dink was the editor of the bilingual Turkish-Armenian weekly, Agos, and his articles on Armenian identity, and references to a Turkish "genocide" of Armenians, had repeatedly angered nationalists.

    Al Jazeera's Charlie Angela reports.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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