Rupert Murdoch issues public apology

Conciliatory gesture comes as media baron's top two executives resign over phone-hacking scandal.

    Rupert Murdoch has issued a public apology to the parents of a murdered schoolgirl in what appears to be an admission that the News of the World had in 2002 hacked into the voicemails of their missing daughter.

    It was that damning allegation, in a rival newspaper 10 days ago, which reignited a five-year-old scandal that has forced the media baron to shut the News of the World, Britain's best-selling Sunday paper, and drop a $12bn plan to buy full control of highly profitable pay-TV operator BSkyB.

    On Friday, two of Murdoch's key executives also resigned.

    Al Jazeera's Emma Hayward reports from London.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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