Campbell 'aware of link to Taylor'

Mia Farrow says UK model told her she had been sent a "huge" gem by ex-Liberian president.

    Actress Mia Farrow has contradicted the testimony of Naomi Campbell, the British model, at the war crimes trial of Charles Taylor, the former Liberian president.

    Campbell allegedly received 'blood diamonds' from Taylor following a charity dinner in South Africa in 1997, at which the model and the ex-leader were guests.

    Contadicting Campbell's evidence that she had not known where the diamonds had come from, Farrow said the model had told her that Taylor had sent them to her.

    Prosecution lawyers at The Hague say this would prove that Taylor had access to precious stones, and used them to fund a war in Sierra Leone.

    Tim Friend reports.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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