Curiosity beams back historic Mars images

NASA releases new panoramic pictures as rover prepares to explore Martian landscape for first time.

    NASA, the US space agency, has released new images from Curiosity, the latest rover to begin exploring Mars.

    Scientists say the panoramic images are crucial for understanding the landscape of the Red Planet.

    The planet’s brownish-red surface is desolate and pebbly. The mountainous rim of the crater, in which the rover landed, is off in the distance.

    At the moment, NASA says, the rover is still running checks and making sure that everything works as it is meant to.

    Meanwhile, the Mars Reconnaissance orbiter captured a space view of where the rover, its parachute and parts came to rest.

    The rover’s 17 cameras have also sent back pictures of the descent stage heat shield separating.

    Al Jazeera’s Brian Rooney reports from Pasadena, California.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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