Ailing US people find refuge from radio waves

West Virginia's National Radio Quiet Zone offers respite to those who feel their health affected by radio waves.

    Home to the world's only National Radio Quiet Zone, the US state of West Virginia is proving to be a welcome respite for people who feel their health is affected by the radio waves from mobile phone masts, Wi-Fi signals, and even microwaves.

    The National Radio Astronomical Observatory created to the zone to safeguard the faint incoming data to its Green Bank Telescope and seven other smaller dishes all looking for clues to the origins of the universe,

    Items such as mobile phones are not allowed to be used without permission for thousands of square miles around the area.

    For sufferers of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, the blackout means relief from ailments they say are caused by such waves.

    Al Jazeera's John Terrett reports from Green Bank.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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