Mexican forces accused of abuses in drug war

Human Rights Watch report claims that military and civilian forces in Mexico are guilty of rights abuse.

    A new report from Human Rights Watch has accused the military and police forces of Mexican President Felipe Calderon of human rights abuses in their handling of people believed to be involved in the nation's drug cartels.

    The report found 170 cases of torture carried out by Mexican security forces across five states in Mexico and southern California. The New York-based rights group also cited 24 cases of extra-judicial killings based on what they say is credible evidence, and at least 39 cases of forced disappearances.

    Mexico's civilian and military authorities, the report states, have failed to thoroughly investigate claims of abuse against those implicated in the drug trade in an impartial manner.

    Out of thousands of abuse cases, only 30 soliders were convicted in military courts.

    Al Jazeera's Rachel Levin reports from Mexico City where she speaks to the families of those kidnapped by marines.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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