PlayStation breach was kept under wraps

Sony has admitted that hackers have stolen the private data of upto 80 million users.

    Sony admits that over 75 million customers personal information may have been compromised, including names, addresses, passwords, email address and possibly credit card information.

    Stolen information can be used to purchase items with stolen credit cards, set up false identities to secure loans, set up bank accounts, receive public assistance and can even provide cover for terrorists. But gamers are furious that the company waited more than a week after hackers broke in on April 16th to warn its customers.

    The breach is not only an embarrassment but is likely to cost it financially. The company’s stock fell 2.5 per cent.  FBI’s Cyber Crime unit has been called in as class action lawsuits are being filed by US attorneys on behalf of hacked clients.

    Rob Reynolds reports from San Diego.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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