Kenya's Nubians strive for recognition

Minority group struggles to survive without land and identity rights in the face of widespread discrimination.

    Ethnic Nubians have called Kenya home for generations.

    But the minority group, which first migrated from the Nuba mountains of neighbouring Sudan in the 19th century and now live in one of Africa's largest slums, say they face constant discrimination and injustice in Kenya.

    The Nubians blame the Kenyan government for widespread land grabs and denying them access to national identities, which are required to obtain any job legally.

    However, Otieno Kajwang, Kenya's immigration minister, told Al Jazeera that a new law has been put in place to rectify the discrimination.

    "It's a frame of mind which treated them as foreigners and it has persisted until it is corrected by this law. It is a mistake that was made. It's a right they have to land, they were there before everybody else," he said.

    Catherine Soi reports from Kibera province in Nairobi, Kenya's capital..

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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