Ban on mocking Brazil politicians

Brazilians are protesting against an electoral law which forbids the mocking of politicans near election time.

    It’s Monday night in Brazil and that means one of the countries most popular weekly comedy shows is on the air.

    The satirical news programme is called CQC where hosts dish out edgy comedy, the most popular segments are when the comedian-reporters use humor to ridicule the country’s politicians.

    But Brazil’s election commission doesn’t see it as a joke and has long had a law on the books that demands stiff fines – as high as of 100,000 dollars per infraction - for any television channel that mocks any politician with caricatures in the final three months of the national elections, which conclude in October.
    As Gabriel Elizondo reports from Rio de Janeiro, comedians say it's an attack on free speech.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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