Middle East

Bleak job prospects for youth in occupied Palestine

The unemployment rate for those with a post high-school degree is 55 percent and even worse for women at 72 percent.


Extreme poverty on the rise in Brazil as elections loom

Some living in the places hardest hit say they’ve become disillusioned by politicians’ empty promises.

Brazil: Extreme poverty on the rise as elections loom


Highly educated Palestinian women struggle to find jobs

Although they are among the most educated in the region, unemployment is high for Palestinian women under the Israeli occupation.


Afghanistan unveils youth unemployment strategy

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has launched a strategy to tackle youth unemployment, which stands at more than 40 percent.


'Employ us or kill us': Tunisian youth on the margins

In one of the country's poorest areas, young people describe the hardship and boredom of being out of work.

'Employ us or kill us': Tunisian youth on the margins


French workers protest by 'booby-trapping' plant

The 279 employees of a car parts manufacturer want to pressure clients to maintain orders and keep the plant afloat.

French workers protest by 'booby-trapping' plant

Poverty & Development

What is the unemployment rate in your country?

There are more than 200 million people world wide without jobs today.

What is the unemployment rate in your country?

US Elections 2016

Trump, Clinton and the great jobs challenge

Are Clinton's and Trump's economic promises realistic and can they resolve basic challenges facing American capitalism?

People & Power

In Search of the Great American Job

Can the next US president retrieve the secure, well-paid employment enjoyed by previous generations of American workers?

We the People

Jobs: End of the Line

How are people in Dayton, Ohio, getting by without the prospect of another job in manufacturing?

101 East

The End of China Inc?

As time is running out for China to pay off its bad debts, 101 East investigates if this could be the end of China Inc.

Inside Story

Should governments provide a minimum wage for everyone?

Swiss voters have rejected the idea of a basic income for everyone, but what will happen if other countries approve it?

Counting the Cost

France's labour reforms: Pro-business or pro-worker?

We take a look at France's high unemployment rate and explore who will benefit from the proposed labour law reforms.

Poverty & Development

Q&A: Tunisia's social time bomb

Unless the political progress in Tunisia is matched by economic advances, social tensions will continue to boil over.

Q&A: Tunisia's social time bomb