Counting the Cost

Cutting the TV cord: The Netflix-driven online phenomenon

A look at how online streaming services are revolutionising entertainment across the globe.

Middle East

Qatar's beIN off-air in UAE amid bootlegging allegations

BeIN, which owns exclusive rights to the World Cup, said its channels are being pirated across the region.

Qatar's beIN off-air in UAE amid bootlegging allegations


Racism with Roseanne, in real time

The Roseanne saga confirmed that in the US, some forms of racism are opposed vehemently, while others remain tolerated.

Khaled A Beydoun

by Khaled A Beydoun

Khaled A Beydoun

The Listening Post

Why did Pakistan's Geo TV go dark?

Pakistan's largest TV network has been taken off air in most parts of the country.

The Listening Post

Newsreaders in chorus: The monopolisation of local news in the US

A viral video raises concerns about America's biggest TV news network. Plus, Britain's poverty porn industry.


Netflix series on Brazil's corruption exposes political divisions

New Netflix series has exposed some of the deeper political division in Brazil in advance of ex-president Lula's trial.

Netflix series on Brazil's corruption exposes political divisions


Why are we so drawn to Game of Thrones?

We are drawn to GOT in this particular time in our contemporary "post-truth" world because its fiction is truthful.

Hamid Dabashi

by Hamid Dabashi

Hamid Dabashi

The Listening Post

OFCOM's role as arbiter of good British TV

With UK elections approaching, we look at the British broadcasting regulator's responsibilities and its limited remit.

The Listening Post

CPR for Greece's ERT

We look at the resurrection of Greece's state-owned broadcaster and what it means for the local media.

Innovate Africa

Entertaining Africa

Africans are taking the reigns in the gaming industry and music distribution while using TV to explore political satire.

The Listening Post

Ferguson: Riots, race and the media

The Listening Post examines the news coverage of race in the US; plus, fonts and the news media.

Human Rights

Bangladesh freedom of speech in question

Journalists and political opposition unhappy about proposed broadcast laws, which they say could hinder free speech.


Kismet: How Soap Operas Changed the World

An inspirational film that uncovers the impact of Turkish soap operas on women across the Arab world and beyond.

Soapbox Mexico

How a soap survives

How to keep a telenovela profitable and demanding sponsors happy while inspiring the production team to stay passionate.