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Cuba: Media blind spots, tunnel visions and cliches

Could a renewed diplomatic relationship between the US and Cuba symbolise the end of media blanketing?

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Jacob Zuma's friends and foes in South Africa's media

We look at President Jacob Zuma's attempts to manage the media message and his relationship with the Gupta family.


China suspends reporters over Xi 'resigns' typo

Two reporters and two editors punished for accidentally replacing "zhici" with "cizhi" in article on Xi's speech.

China suspends reporters over Xi 'resigns' typo

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Italy and the politics of reforming 'Mamma RAI'

What happens when government, political parties and competitors have a say on the Italian state broadcaster's future?

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Turkish politics: Raids and rivalry?

Police officers and journalists linked to influential cleric Fethullah Gulen are arrested in nationwide raids.

Human Rights

Bangladesh freedom of speech in question

Journalists and political opposition unhappy about proposed broadcast laws, which they say could hinder free speech.