Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Social media shut down amid communal violence

Sri Lankan government shutters social media networks amid violence against the Muslim minority.

Sri Lanka: Social media shut down amid communal violence


Islam in Russia

By 2020, Muslims are expected to account for one-fifth of the population.

Islam in Russia

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Police inaction as Muslim shops torched by Buddhists

Authorities set curfew to combat new wave of violence directed at the country's Muslim minority.

 Sri Lanka: Police inaction as Muslim shops torched by Buddhists


Pakistan blasphemy case suspect fighting for his life

A Christian resident of Lahore says he attempted suicide as interrogators forced him to perform oral sex on cousin.

Suspect in Lahore blasphemy case fighting for his life


God and Caesar clashing in Jerusalem

Three churches just scored a rare victory against the Israeli occupation.

Harry Hagopian

by Harry Hagopian

Harry Hagopian

Inside Story

Are Christians being targeted in Jerusalem?

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre closed its doors as a proposed law threatened to scrap centuries of precedent.


Christianity's holiest site closed in protest

Leaders of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre - believed to be the crucifixion and resurrection site of Jesus Christ - are angry at proposed tax plans for church-owned properties.

Holding the Key: Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre

A look at Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre, its turbulent history and the different denominations using it.


Jerusalem's Holy Sepulchre shut over Israel policy row

In rare move, church leaders close one of Christianity's holiest sites over 'discriminatory' Israeli policy.


Islam in America

A decade ago, we travelled across the US to explore the roots and influence of Islam in pre-Trump America.

United States

World-renowned US evangelist Billy Graham passes away

The country preacher who took his message worldwide, preached to more people than anyone else and broke traditional barriers has died. We take a look at his life.


Iran protest: Car-ramming attacks kill security forces

More than 300 arrests made after five security forces killed in clashes in Tehran involving Sufi Muslims, reports say.

Gonabadi Dervish protest leaves 5 dead in Tehran

Talk to Al Jazeera

Rokhaya Diallo: Race, religion and feminism in France

The French activist talks to Al Jazeera about religion, gender and state-sponsored racism in today's France.


US Muslim mayor candidate receives death threat online

A candidate seeking to become the first Muslim mayor of a US city says she won't let the threat 'derail' her.

Regina Mustafa receives death threats in US mayor race

Reporter's Notebook

Blasphemy and the verdict over student's lynching

Grieving family of lynched student says they are determined to keep fighting for justice.

Pakistan: Blasphemy and the Mashal Khan verdict