Egypt: Anti-torture T-shirt man still jailed

Appeal hearing set for Thursday after court ordered release of Mahmoud Hussein, more than two years after his arrest.

Egypt prosecutors challenge Mahmoud Hussein's freedom


Egyptian jailed as a teen 'freed' after 787 days

Mahmoud Hussein, 20, released pending bail after being jailed for protesting while wearing a T-shirt condemning torture.

Egyptian jailed as a teen 'freed' after 787 days


Egypt dismisses minister after 'prophet' comments

Ahmed al-Zend 'relieved of position' after his controversial remarks about imprisoning the prophet go viral.

Egypt dismisses minister after 'prophet' comments

Special series

Daisy and Max: Gang violence in the US

A couple working to protect LA communities from gang violence is caught in the crossfire of the US war on gangs.

Human Rights

The whiff of reform drifts into US prisons

Al Jazeera visited a US prison to see whether inmates thought the era of mass incarceration was coming to an end.

The whiff of reform drifts into US prisons

Fault Lines

US: Lost in the System

Fault Lines investigates the practice of pretrial detention and how American courts are failing the poor.


Australian inmates riot against new smoking ban

Prison staff evacuated and tactical police deployed after 300 prisoners take part in violent protest against ban.

Australian inmates riot against new smoking ban

The System

Geography of Punishment

Are proactive policing strategies like "stop-and-frisk" working?

Fault Lines

The school to prison pipeline

Are increased police presence in schools and zero tolerance policies putting students on the path to prison?

Middle East

Detainees on hunger strike in Syrian jail

The prisoners, detained since the start of the conflict in the country, have not been charged and suffered torture.

United States

Guantanamo ex-inmates start fresh in Uruguay

Uruguayans are being prepared to receive six controversial new residents who spent 12 years in US detention.

Asia Pacific

Malaysia subjects refugees to torture

Al Jazeera documents cases of abuse and mistreatment in the wake of series of raids to catch illegal immigrants.


Australia sentences prisoners 'to a job'

Darwin's "Sentenced to a Job" scheme allows inmates to leave prison each day to gain basic work skills and training.

Human Rights

Chinese accused of targeting Christians

Government accused of jailing a Church leader for being Christian but local officials deny targeting the minority.

Poverty & Development

Israeli police target Palestinian activists

Israel has arrested more than 600 people who have taken part in demonstrations since the start of Israel's war on Gaza.