Mental health

Healing trauma in South Sudan through mental health programmes

Trauma caused by years of conflict remain largely untreated with lack of mental care in South Sudan.

Healing trauma in South Sudan through mental health programmes


Qatar's WISH summit tackles 'human-centred' healthcare redesign

Global disease, mental health and fake drug detection spotlight at Doha's innovative health summit.

Qatar's WISH summit tackles 'human-centred' healthcare redesign

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Richard Graham: Why gaming addiction is on the rise

Psychiatrist Dr Richard Graham discusses why gaming is so addictive and how it can be treated.


ADHD overdiagnosis in younger students, says global study

Researchers are warning teachers and clinicians are mistaking immaturity for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.


Palestinians in Gaza face mounting mental health crisis

Suffering in silence - suicidal tendencies and depression are among the less obvious scars for Palestinians trying to fight against Israeli occupation.

United States

Chicago's Sip of Hope - a cafe where it's OK not to be OK

Prompted by the suicide rate in the United States, a coffee shop in Chicago is trying to reach out to those struggling with mental health issues.


Grief, guilt and hope: Caring for one with Alzheimer's

What is Alzheimer's? What are the signs? And how can families cope with a disease that can affect all aspects of life?

Alzheimer's Day: The journey of caring for one with the disease

Aboriginal Australians

What's behind high Aboriginal youth suicide rates?

Pat Dudgeon explains why suicide rates among young Aboriginals are so high and what can be done to stem the tide.

What's behind high Aboriginal youth suicide rates?

Counting the Cost

Gaming addiction: Are we asking the right questions?

Is gaming addiction a mental health issue or a distraction from valid questions surrounding technology development.


WHO: Gaming addiction 'a mental health disorder'

The World Health Organization's decision to label addiction to digital and video games as a mental health condition puts it at odds with gaming industry organisations.


Australia's Lost Generation: Battling Aboriginal Suicide

Australian Aboriginal youth suicide rates are among the highest in the world, so how can communities save their youths?

Child rights

Gaza children 'on brink of mental health crisis'

Research by the rights group found 95 percent of young people surveyed in Gaza showed deep psychological distress.

Middle East

Life in Gaza: Palestinians' struggle to survive

In the midst of the economic struggle to survive, Palestinians in Gaza are dealing with a mental health crisis as new traumas compound old ones.

The Listening Post

Locked up alone: Solitary confinement in the US

We examine one of the biggest human rights issue in the US that most Americans have never heard of.

Gang violence

Mexico's 'invisible' wounds of gang violence

Mental health crisis unfolds in the country after years of drug wars and little psychological help.