Gang violence

'Never wear blue': Trapped in Trump's 'war on gangs'

Donald Trump's war against Salvadoran American gang MS-13 has left dozens of immigrant teenagers unlawfully detained.

The teenagers trapped in Trump's MS13-crackdown

Donald Trump

Trump lawyer appears in court over seized documents

Cohen in court to ask judge to limit the ability of federal prosecutors to review the documents seized from him.

Trump lawyer appears in court over seized documents

Death penalty

Amnesty: Almost 1,000 prisoners executed in 2017

Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq record highest executions, as rights group reports global decline in the use of death penalty.

Fault Lines

Trump's War on Gangs

Dozens of immigrant teens in the US have been unlawfully detained as part of the Trump administration's 'war on gangs'.


My grandfather, Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew

Li Shengwu, the grandson of Singapore's first PM, discusses LKY's legacy and the future of the wealthy island state.


Nauru abolishes appeal deal with Australia's High Court

Nauru abolishes decades-old legal agreement with Australia, removing the Pacific island's highest court of appeal.

Pacific Island of Nauru scraps link to Australian appeal court


Indonesia criminal code overhaul a step backwards for drug policy

Sweeping criminal sanctions proposed in Indonesian parliament could worsen the country's drug problem.

Alfiana Qisthi

by Alfiana Qisthi
- Claudia Stoicescu

Alfiana Qisthi


'You have violated the Quran': UK judge's rebuke of tube bomber

Justice Haddon-Cave invokes Islamic theology in condemnation of Ahmed Hassan, who carried out September tube bombing.

'You have violated the Quran': UK judge's rebuke of tube bomber


India's top court shuts the door on foreign players

Foreign firms can only advise Indian clients on matters pertaining to foreign laws on temporary 'fly in, fly out basis'.

India court ruling bars foreign law firms from practice


India's Forbidden Love: An Honour Killing on Trial

The survivor of a brutal honour killing testifies against her parents in the murder trial of her lower-caste husband.

Reporter's Notebook

Exporting corruption: Beyond Brazil's Car Wash scandal

How a money laundering investigation in Brazil turned into a far-reaching corruption case that continues to send shock waves across Latin America.


Turkish opposition journalists released pending trial

Turkish court frees Cumhuriyet journalists after spending more than 430 days in prison, following a marathon hearing.

Turkey: Opposition Cumhuriyet journalists released pending trial


The killing of Colten Boushie

What does the killing of an Indigenous man, and the acquittal of his killer, say about Canada's anti-racist credentials?

Andrew Mitrovica

by Andrew Mitrovica

Andrew Mitrovica


The ICJ may help Chagossians to finally return home

An upcoming ICJ decision on the status of the Chagos Islands may upset both the UK and Mauritius.

Constantinos Yiallourides

by Constantinos Yiallourides

Constantinos Yiallourides


Saakashvili: I 'crossed the paths of oligarchs'

We asked former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili about being stateless and possible extradition.