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Who Killed Robert Kennedy?

Fifty years on, questions about witness testimony, hidden evidence and the true identity of Kennedy's killer remain.


Is the US on the brink of a constitutional crisis?

We discuss whether American democracy is in crisis and if the media will continue to play Trump's games.

Is the US on the brink of a constitutional crisis?


Trump, the Democrats, and the future of US democracy

In this UpFront special, we speak to a Trump adviser and discuss whether US democracy is at risk.

Trump, the Democrats, and the future of US democracy

South Africa

On night patrol with a South African vigilante group

In Galeshewe township, a group of men and women patrol the streets, dishing out 'blessings' to suspected criminals.

Donald Trump

Noah Bookbinder Q&A: Is Trump violating the US Constitution?

Government watchdog CREW's executive director discusses the emoluments lawsuits and Trump's many conflicts of interest.

United States

Harvard sued for discriminating against Asian American applicants

One of the world's top universities defends a civil rights-era policy that seeks to lift up black and Hispanic minorities, but Asian Americans allege it penalises them for their race.


How Baltimore police routinely violated people's rights

Al Jazeera investigates how a unit of the Baltimore Police Department was able to rob and steal with impunity for years.


Exclusive: US police 'using app to conceal evidence'

Long Beach police accused of using self-deleting messaging software to avoid disclosing incriminating evidence.

Exclusive: US police 'using Tiger Text app to conceal evidence'

The Hague

Dominic Ongwen ICC trial: Child victim or war criminal?

Defence lawyers for former Ugandan warlord Dominic Ongwen, on trial for war crimes at The Hague are presenting him as a victim of the LRA's crimes, not their architect.


Explained: EU parliament motion against Hungary

European Parliament votes to launch disciplinary action against Hungary for flouting its core values. What's next?

Explained: EU parliament targets Hungary's 'breach of values'


The Chagos Islands: Colonialism on trial at the ICJ

Chagossians are still fighting for justice and redress against colonisation and imperial subjugation.

Oumar Ba

by Oumar Ba
- Kelly-Jo Bluen

Oumar Ba


India decriminalises gay sex: Another win for the Supreme Court

As the government looked the other way, India's Supreme Court was once again forced to right a historical wrong.

Sandeep Gopalan

by Sandeep Gopalan

Sandeep Gopalan


Female activists in Nepal call for equality on citizenship bill

The proposed bill would could women to have a Nepalese husband to pass on their citizenship to their children.


Calls for release of Russian teenage girls arrested for extremism

The two girls were arrested under Russia's far-reaching extremism laws, but their lawyer argues that they were set up.

Latin America

Nicaragua unrest: New law targets student protesters

The government of Daniel Ortega arrests scores of activists under a new 'anti-terrorism' law that the UN says is intended to criminalise opposition to the government, as unrest continues in Nicaragua.