Latin America

Brazil: President orders army to clear roads amid truckers strike

The truck drivers' strike, driven by higher fuel prices, is causing shortages of food and petrol in some areas.

Asia Pacific

South Korea labour law cuts working week to 52 hours

South Koreans work longer hours than people in most other developed countries.


Shattering the myth of 'Canada the Good'

Migrant labour programmes expose the colonial construction of a country seen by many as tolerant of diversity.

Min Sook Lee

by Min Sook Lee

Min Sook Lee


South Africa miners reach $400m settlement

Gold producers reach a settlement with lawyers representing thousands of miners who contracted fatal lung disease.

South Africa miners reach $400m settlement for lung disease


'Many years in one': Remembering France's 1968 protests

Fifty years since the May 1968 student uprising, Al Jazeera explores the movement's legacy for protesters today.

Reporter's Notebook

The plight of Nepal's migrant workers

With Nepal's unemployment rate at 40 percent, many young men and women say their only option is to find work abroad.

Reporter's Notebook

Out-of-work women make comeback in UK's corporate culture

For more than 30 years women have tried to make inroads into top management with few results - but that's changing.


Is Brexit really going to help British workers?

The big winners of a post-Brexit controlled migration system will not be British workers, but unscrupulous employers.

Nick Dearden

by Nick Dearden

Nick Dearden

Middle East

Qatar approves new law to protect domestic staff

Workers will be able to limit their services to 10 hours a day, work six days a week and be entitled to annual holiday.

Qatar approves new law to protect domestic staff


The fight for a living wage in the UK

Cinema workers are leading the campaign for a living wage as they say low salaries leave them living "precarious" lives.

The fight for a living wage in the UK


Migrant Dreams: Bangladeshi Workers in Singapore

How thousands of migrant dreams in Singapore turned into nightmares in the wake of the 2009 global recession.


Increasing number of deaths among Nepali workers

Despite the rising number of deaths caused mainly by heart attacks, an increasing number of Nepalese seek work overseas.

Increasing number of deaths among Nepali workers

Human Rights

Qatar introduces changes to labour law

Labour ministry urges patience with reforms, but Amnesty International says changes are insufficient.

Qatar introduces changes to labour law

Reporter's Notebook

Decent work in a rapidly changing world

UN agency emphasises need for growth that is sustainable and job-rich, not just statistically impressive.

In uncertain time, ILO debates decent work for all


US sees largest protests calling for $15 minimum wage

Hundreds arrested after "Fight for $15" rallies take place in cities and at some airports across the United States.