Journalism Is Not A Crime

Egyptian journalist 'Shawkan' could face death penalty

Mohamed Abu Zeid, better known as Shawkan, could be sentenced to death for simply doing his job.


Mohamed Amin: The Kenyan who moved the world

The photographer and cameraman captured some of Africa's defining moments and helped inspire Live Aid.


Al Jazeera journalist held in Egypt despite full pre-trial term

Mahmoud Hussein's lawyer calls for the 51-year-old's release following more than 18 months of detention in Cairo.

Al Jazeera journalist held in Egypt despite full pre-trial term

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Syria's chemical attacks: Smoke and mirrors, truth and lies

Insight into the seemingly impossible task of understanding the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian war.

Journalism under fire

Pleas to release Al Jazeera's Mahmoud Hussein at IPI congress

The International Press Institute celebrates the hard work and resilience of journalists while condemning state and non-state actors targeting members of the media, including Egypt's imprisonment of Mahmoud Hussein.

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An unworthy war? US/UK reporting on Yemen

As the assault on Hudaida makes news, we examine flaws in coverage of the war in Yemen. Plus, chemical attacks in Syria.

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Trump, North Korea and the G7: Dissecting political theatrics

A look into how symbolism and imagery dictate views of political events and what obstacles this causes for journalists.

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Fixers: The unsung heroes of journalism

Fixers are a correspondent's eyes, ears and warning system on the ground, but do they get the recognition they deserve?

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Spectacle over substance: Trump, G7 and the Singapore summit

Trump's theatrics at the G7 summit and his meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong-un. Plus, the fixers' role in journalism.


The perils of being a journalist in Modi's India

Cases of Rana Ayyub, Barkha Dutt and Ravish Kumar, who are critical of the government, highlight lack of press freedom.

The perils of being a journalist in Modi's India

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What Arkady Babchenko's staged murder means for journalism

A look at how the staged murder undermines Ukraine's credibility and could possibly endanger journalists down the road.

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Producing nostalgia: Iranian diaspora TV's rebranding of the Shah

Iran's diaspora media showcase the achievements of the Pahlavi monarchy while skirting around oppression and censorship.

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Playing dead: Arkady Babchenko and post-truth conflict

The Russian journalist faked death - causing problems for the media. Plus, the Iranian diaspora reviving Shah nostalgia.

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Caught on camera: Indian media outlets and paid news

Cobrapost underlines the ethical debates around both paid content disguised as news and hidden camera operations.

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Journalism or propaganda? US state-sponsored media

A historical record of the US government's role in funding media operations that broadcast into other countries.