'For the seventh year, freedom has been in decline'

Freedom House report blames governments for using a range of tools to strangle the idealistic potential of the internet.


TV news reader's courage leaves Afghans in awe

Parwiz Sapy went on air to read bulletin just moments after Tuesday's ISIL attack on Shamshad TV station in Kabul ended.

Shamshad TV news reader's courage leaves Afghans in awe

The Listening Post

Trump TV: The Fox approach to bad Trump news

How Fox News creates an alternative reality and how it downplayed the indictments against former Donald Trump advisers.


Funeral held for slain Malta journalist

Thousands of people in Malta have attended the funeral of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was killed by a car bomb last month.


Al Jazeera wins two prizes for reporting

UK-based AIB recognises Steve Chao's documentary on Philippine leader Duterte and Tarek Bazley's report from Antarctica.

Al Jazeera wins prizes for Duterte, Antarctica reports

Middle East

Prominent Syrian activist, daughter killed in Istanbul

Syrian National Coalition, relatives demand swift investigation into stabbing of Orouba and Halla Barakat in Turkey.

Orouba Barakat, daughter Halla found killed in Istanbul


When a journalist is arrested in Kashmir

Just last year, 48 journalists were killed on the job around the world. More than 5 times that number were jailed.

When a journalist is arrested in Kashmir

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The great firewall update: Clamping down on VPNs

As China and Russia limit the use of VPNs, we examine repercussions for media freedom. Plus, police vs press in Uganda.

Al Jazeera Selects

Journalists on the frontline

From Syria, to Mexico and Sudan, we tell the story of those who risk their lives to cover conflict.


Syria and the case for editorial accountability

By publishing Seymour Hersh's latest 'fiction' on Syria, German daily Die Welt served as a conduit for disinformation.

Muhammad Idrees Ahmad

by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad

Muhammad Idrees Ahmad


Freewheeling journalism and the 'monopoly of truth'

A reflection on the nature and function of multiple perspectives and alternative narratives in journalism.

Hamid Dabashi

by Hamid Dabashi

Hamid Dabashi

The Listening Post

A war of buzzwords in South Africa's media

We look at competing narratives and buzzwords echoing through the South African media landscape.


Indian media wants Dalit news but not Dalit reporters

Caste privilege and domination in newsrooms must end.

Sudipto Mondal

by Sudipto Mondal

Sudipto Mondal

Inside Story

Why are so many journalists being killed in Mexico?

Prominent journalist Javier Valdez was shot and killed in the of Sinaloa on Monday.