Internet shutdowns raise free speech concerns in India

Government cites security reasons for blocking internet use after incidents of civil unrest.

Internet shutdowns raise free speech concerns in India


Palestinian Authority releases jailed activist on bail

Hebron-based human rights activist Issa Amro released following detention by PA under new 'electronic crimes' law.

Palestinian Authority frees jailed activist


Free Basics: Facebook's failure at 'digital equality'

Facebook's Free Basics app aimed at providing free online services in developing countries is not what it claims to be.

Njeri Wangari Wanjohi

by Njeri Wangari Wanjohi
- Kofi Yeboah

Njeri Wangari Wanjohi

Face to Face

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates: Inside the rivalry

Allies, rivals, partners: How two tech visionaries inspired the digital revolution and changed the lives of billions.

Counting the Cost

Google versus the European Union

We look at what's at stake for Google after it was charged with violating the EU's antitrust laws.


Broadband Bruce: Fighting Canada's Digital Divide

A reformed troublemaker rigs up high-speed internet in his community to help turn around the indigenous reserve.

Inside Story

Who is to blame for the massive ransomware attack?

A virus demands money from Windows users in 99 countries as banks, hospitals and well-known companies are affected.

Human Rights

What can you do if your country cuts the internet?

The UN considers the internet a human right, but governments are increasingly infringing on the rights of people online.

The Listening Post

Wikipedia, open-source and the truth

Facts, trust and the power of open source knowledge with Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Katherine Maher.


China: Muslim site blocked after petition to president

Authors of letter to president challenging "crimes of totalitarian system" say website shut down after their petition.

Chinese Muslim website blocked after Xi Jinping letter


How Facebook hurt the Syrian Revolution

Social media made the Syrian revolutionary movement less resilient and more exposed to regime brutality.

Riham Alkousaa

by Riham Alkousaa

Riham Alkousaa


We need to resist censorship of cyberspace

I'm among the liberal US journalists and professors whom Google warned were targeted by government-backed attackers.

Kara Alaimo

by Kara Alaimo

Kara Alaimo


The IP Act: UK's most extreme surveillance law

Snowden's revelations didn't preclude the passing of the most invasive surveillance law in the UK.

Jim Killock

by Jim Killock

Jim Killock

Science & Technology

Snooping, data leaks and the threat to online privacy

Experts warn expansive new surveillance laws and lax attitudes threaten civil liberties and expose new vulnerabilities.

Snooping, data leaks and the threat to online privacy


The vagaries of Pakistan's cybercrime law

Some regulation of the internet is in order, but Pakistan's cybercrime law goes too far.

Bina Shah

by Bina Shah

Bina Shah