Counting the Cost

Venezuela's oil meltdown

We examine why Venezuela's oil-based economy is falling apart despite the fact that global oil prices have recovered.


Russians hold rally against messaging app ban

Protests come two weeks after court allowed government to block messaging app for failing to hand over encryption keys.

Science & Technology

An 'internet civil war' has erupted in Russia

Attempts to block popular messaging app Telegram have backfired in Russia.

An 'internet civil war' has erupted in Russia

Counting the Cost

Facebook and the murky world of digital advertising

Why the new ad men dislike regulation, but like harvesting as much personal data as possible.


How healthy is the internet?

New report focuses on privacy and security, openness, digital inclusion, web literacy and decentralisation.

Internet Health Report 2018: The threats faced by online users


Facebook removes 135 accounts linked to Russian troll farm

The move comes as the social media platform faces criticism because of alleged mishandling of data.

Facebook removes 135 accounts linked to Russian troll farm

The Listening Post

Deleted, suspended, demoted: Censorship, Silicon Valley-style

A look at how the tech giants are policing their platforms and whether this amounts to a new kind of censorship.

The Listening Post

Headlines and hyperbole: Covering the Sergei Skripal story

The Skripal affair and the battle of narratives between Russia and UK; plus, Google and Facebook's censorship tactics.

Counting the Cost

What is 5G technology and who benefits?

A look at how 5G technology could affect our lives and why an industry thirsty for new revenue streams needs it to work.

US & Canada

Open internet advocates in US pressure senators

Thinkful, a group that teaches web coding, has created an interactive map for voters to check candidates' positions.

Open internet advocates pressure US senators before midterms

Reporter's Notebook

Troll factories, bots and fake news: Inside the Wild West of social media

An in-depth look at the use of the internet to wage information warfare and the challenges to democracy posed by social media.

United Kingdom

UK hacking suspect wins appeal on extradition to US

Accused hacker Lauri Love wins appeal to avoid extradition to the United States, but could still face charges in the UK.

UK hacking suspect wins appeal on extradition to US

Counting the Cost

The big tech lash: Tech giants under scrutiny

Some of the world's biggest technology companies are facing off with regulators in what's being called a "tech lash".


How the internet 'punishes' Palestinians

Tech giants Google, Airbnb and PayPal accused of shaping false narratives with policies in Palestinian territories.

How the internet 'punishes' Palestinians

People & Power

Disinformation and Democracy

A two-part investigation into the threats to democracy posed by fake news and propaganda on social media.