Syria's War

Syria's war: Desperate camp gets first aid in 3 months

UN and Syrian Arab Red Crescent reach Rukban displacement camp in southeast Syria with 118 trucks packed with supplies.

Rukban camp in Syria receives first aid in three months

Sri Lanka

Ten years after end of war, Tamils still waiting to return home

Some 30 members of Tamil minority protest to reclaim their lands occupied by the army in Mullaitivu, northern Sri Lanka.

Ten years after end of war, Tamils still waiting to return home

Syria's War

Millions in Idlib brace for Syrian government assault

As many as 2.5 million Syrians could try to flee to Turkish border if government forces launch full-scale offensive.


Nearly one million displaced in Ethiopia ethnic violence

Age-old ethnic tensions boiled over after Abiy Ahmed became prime minister, threatening to undermine his sweeping reforms aimed improving relations between Ethiopia's more than 80 ethnic groups.

Middle East

War in Yemen: Dozens of civilians killed in Saudi-UAE bombing

Houthi sources say an air raid by the Saudi-UAE coalition has killed at least 31 civilians, including women and children, in Yemen.

Central African Republic

'I opened a computer lab for displaced Muslim teens'

Djamaladine Mahamat Salet, a 38-year-old IDP, helps provide an education to children in bleak circumstances in CAR.

Displaced Muslim teens learn computer skills at Catholic mission


Nigeria displaced return to ruin homes, fear violence

Despite many challenges and enduring dangers, Nigerians displaced by Boko Haram now begin to return to Borno state.


Iraqi Christians displaced by ISIL find solace in Baghdad

But many Assyrian Christians see no future as a minority and plan to emigrate soon despite Baghdad's relative security.

Iraqi Christians displaced by ISIL find solace in Baghdad


IDPs in Libya running out of time and resources

Internally displaced persons from Benghazi are running out of resources, but still fear to return to the city controlled by General Khalifa Haftar.


'Our life is hell': Lose-lose situation for Iraq's IDPs

More than two million people remain displaced inside Iraq since January 2014, the UNHCR refugee agency says.

'Our life is hell': Iraq's IDPs suffer interminable wait for home

Humanitarian crises

UN says record 68.5 million people displaced worldwide

Calling for a new approach to tackle the issue, UNHCR says 53 percent of the 68.5 million people displaced are children.

Middle East

Libya ghost town: Residents of Tawergha return home

About 35,000 Tawerghans are living in camps across Libya since rebels captured the town in August 2011.


Philippines: Thousands still displaced in Marawi

The ISIL-inspired Maute group took control of Marawi last year, prompting thousands to flee and, a year after the fighting ended, many families are still displaced and searching for loved ones.


Mobile courts give hope to displaced Iraqis

The courts offer assistance in obtaining essential civil identification documents for families who have fled ISIL.

Mobile courts give hope to displaced Iraqis

Asia Pacific

Slow progress to end Myanmar's ethnic conflict

At least 30 people have been killed in fighting between security forces and rebels in Myanmar. Talks to end a decades-old internal conflict began last August with high hopes, but since then pessimism has set in.