Al Jazeera World

The Great Population Exchange between Turkey and Greece

The lasting legacy of the population exchange between Greece and Turkey after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Holding the Key: Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre

A look at Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre, its turbulent history and the different denominations using it.


The ICJ may help Chagossians to finally return home

An upcoming ICJ decision on the status of the Chagos Islands may upset both the UK and Mauritius.

Constantinos Yiallourides

by Constantinos Yiallourides

Constantinos Yiallourides

South Sudan

South Sudan archivists fear loss of historical texts

With efforts to get national archives off the ground stalled, conflict not only threatens people but also historical heritage.

The Listening Post

History through Cuban eyes: Noticiero ICAIC

A Listening Post special looking back at a time when Cuban movie theatres delivered the news like nobody else.

United Kingdom

How Britain's Victorian Muslims celebrated Christmas

Led by William Quilliam, one of the first known Muslim converts, a small group used to gather and give food to the poor.

How did Victorian Muslims celebrate Christmas?

Native Americans

Native tribes sue Trump to protect sacred land

Native Americans launch fight to protect sacred sites after Trump reduced the size of protected cultural lands in Utah.

Native tribes sue Trump over Bears Ears Monument

Arts & Culture

When is Thanksgiving Day and why is it celebrated?

In the US, Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated on Thursday, November 23.

When is Thanksgiving Day and why is it celebrated?

War & Conflict

History of America in hole-punched photos

During the Great Depression, the US government launched a project to portray the country's reality. Here are the photos.

History of America in hole-punched photos


Why are Hindu groups protesting against Tipu Sultan?

Southern Karnataka state celebrates Tipu Sultan for being a patriot while Hindu nationalists call him a tyrant.

Tipu Sultan's birth anniversary observed amid protests


Should an Irish giant finally be left to rest in peace?

Ethical questions linger 234 years after surgeon who inspired Dr Jekyll character stole Byrne's towering corpse.

Should giant Charles Byrne be left to rest in peace?


Balfour 100 years on: Britain's colonial legacy

Theresa May will be celebrating the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. But what is there to celebrate?

Salma Yaqoob

by Salma Yaqoob

Salma Yaqoob


The failed dream of a Russian revolution

The legacy of the Russian Revolution obliges, one hundred years later, neither celebration nor mourning.

C J Polychroniou

by C J Polychroniou

C J Polychroniou


Che Guevara remembered 50 years after his execution

Artists, activists and Guevara's descendants gather to commemorate the death of the revolutionary.

Che Guevara remembered 50 years after his execution


Che: An assassin or a revolutionary?

Fifty years after Che Guevara's assassination, attempts to commercialise and distort his image continue.

Belen Fernandez

by Belen Fernandez

Belen Fernandez