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Masoumeh Ebtekar: 'The whole world was against Iran'

The Iranian vice president for Women and Family Affairs discusses the principles of the Islamic revolution, 40 years on.

Masoumeh Ebtekar: 'The whole world was against Iran'

The Listening Post

The colonial-era laws that still govern African journalism

Exploring how colonial-era and apartheid laws still determine what can and cannot be reported in sub-Saharan Africa.


Britain's belated reckoning with imperial crimes

Britain could not have won World War II without the massive exploitation and abuse it unleashed on its colonies.

Elliot Ross

by Elliot Ross

Elliot Ross


How a major anti-colonial victory divided Ethiopia

The Victory of Adwa has been a very divisive issue in Ethiopia for decades. It's time to change that.

Awol K Allo

by Awol K Allo

Awol K Allo

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The Archbishop and the PLO

The story of Hilarion Capucci, the freedom-fighting Archbishop in Jerusalem who stood up for the Palestinian cause.

Arts & Culture

Life inside a Kiev Khrushchyovka: Soviet architecture in Ukraine

An insight into one family's everyday life in a Soviet-era housing block in Kiev.

Life inside a Kiev Khrushchyovka: Soviet architecture in Ukraine


Marx's London memorial vandalised for second time

Marx, a founding father of Communist political theory, called on workers to assume control of the means of production.

Marx memorial vandalised in London for second time in February

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The Algerian Revolutionary, Larbi Ben Mhidi

The Algerian is considered to be a national hero and symbol of the revolution that brought an end to French colonialism.

People & Power

The Forgotten Heroes of Empire

People & Power investigates the UK's scandalous neglect of its colonial-era African soldiers.

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Iraq's Dying Rivers

War and pollution plague the fertile crescent's Tigris and Euphrates rivers, leaving fishermen struggling to survive.

Special series

Iran 1979: Anatomy of a Revolution

A look at the events that triggered the Khomeini movement and led to Iran's Islamic revolution in 1979.


Why is Singapore marking 1819 arrival of UK settler?

Stamford Raffles landed 200 years ago. But not all welcome government plans to mark the start of colonial rule.

Pirate or hero? Raffles bicentennial fuels Singapore debate

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Independence and the Iraqi Kurds

Who are the Kurds and how did their bid for independence in Iraq appear to fail after such a resounding 'yes' vote?


'There were black Confederates too': Bargaining with US history

Christy Coleman, CEO of the American Civil War Museum in Richmond, shares her views on the Confederate Monument debate.


What the US needs to heal is MLK's radical revolution of values

On his 90th birthday, understanding Martin Luther King's real message is more crucial than ever before.

David A Love

by David A Love

David A Love