Affordable Care Act: US court to weigh its constitutionality

Court to decide if Congress effectively invalidated ACA when it zeroed out the tax imposed on those without insurance.

Affordable Care Act: US court to weigh its constitutionality

US & Canada

Obamacare: Affordable Care Act under threat in US

There are 8.5 million Americans that receive low-cost health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

US & Canada

Can robots improve a doctor's empathy?

Hal, a state-of-the-art medical training mannequin, is capable of talking and simulating distressed emotions, helping students prepare to deal with real-world situations and behaviours.

US Elections 2020

US Democratic debate night two: What did the candidates say?

Ten more candidates took the stage on Thursday in the final night of the first 2020 Democratic debate.

US Democratic debate night two: What did the candidates say?


Pakistan struggles with unprecedented HIV infections in children

The number of HIV cases in southern Pakistan has spiked, and children seem to be the most affected.


DRC: Measles vaccinations suspended over latest Ebola outbreak

Ebola outbreak in the DRC is affecting urgent medical care for other diseases.


Elderly patient abuse in Pretoria highlights public health woes

A 76-year-old woman is found by relatives lying on cold floor in South Africa hospital, her hands and legs tied to a steel bench.


Scientists discover new source of antibiotics in ancient lake

Russian scientists discovered creatures in Lake Baikal that may be crucial to the discovery of new antibiotics.


Ukrainians fear measles vaccination as infection rate rises

Ukraine has most measles infections globally with its low vaccination rate and widespread scepticism over its efficacy.

Middle East

19 million Yemeni children suffer malnutrition and illness

Fighting between the Saudi-Emirati-led coalition and Houthi rebels has destroyed Yemen’s healthcare system.

Counting the Cost

Brexit and the threat of dark money

Exploring the secretive money working to influence the UK's exit from the European Union.

US & Canada

US: Pharmaceutical heads urged by congress to curb drug prices

The heads of seven top companies have given evidence before a Senate finance committee on the rising cost of medicines.


Venezuelans forced to seek basic medical care in Brazil

Political and economic turmoil has put the country's health system on verge of collapse.


Yemen's cancer patients suffer as clinics are closing

There is only one cancer treatment centre which is nearby for patients in Hodeidah and surrounding areas.

Asia Pacific

Traditional medicine in Taiwan on life support

Why are traditional Chinese medicine stores are struggling to survive in Taiwan even as Hong Kong and China push to export the industry?