Asia Pacific

Traditional medicine in Taiwan on life support

Why are traditional Chinese medicine stores are struggling to survive in Taiwan even as Hong Kong and China push to export the industry?

Asia Pacific

Vanuatu trials vaccine drone deliveries

It is innovative, it is ambitious, but Vanuatu's government wants to know if drone delivery of vaccines to remote locations is also practical and financially viable.

US & Canada

US poor and minority areas turning into 'pharmacy deserts'

Pharmacies are closing in what they consider unprofitable poor and minority neighbourhoods in the US, often times depriving residents of access to medicine, counselling and local clinics.

US Midterms 2018

What are the key issues in the US midterms?

As US midterms approach, the issues topping voters' minds include healthcare, the economy and the judiciary.

US midterm elections: What are the key issues?

US Midterms 2018

US midterms: Democrats challenge Trump economy rhetoric

Although the president touts his economic numbers, Democrats in Pennsylvania say his policies do not help average voters who are just as concerned about healthcare.

United States

US healthcare prices set to skyrocket after 'Obamacare' scrapped

Many will have to pay a lot more for insurance after Trump got rid of subsidies provided by the Affordable Care Act.

Middle East

Cancer patients in Yemen struggle to survive as options diminish

Even before the war, many Yemenis could not afford treatment, but now it has become nearly impossible as one specialised cancer treatment facility, that does not even have the means to provide chemotherapy, may soon shut down.


UK celebrates 70 years of National Health Service

The National Health Service was nothing short of a revolution. It provided universal healthcare for Britain's post-war population.


WHO: Venezuela malaria cases jump by 69 percent

World Health Organization expresses concern over the rise of the mosquito-borne disease in Venezuela and Latin America.

WHO: Venezuela malaria cases jump by 69 percent


Qatar's healthcare ranks first in the Middle East

Qatar's health ranking within the Legatum Prosperity Index has risen in 10 years, from 27th in the world to 13th.

Qatar's healthcare ranks first in the Middle East


Mogadishu struggles with limited ambulance service

The limited medical service is not enough in a city often subject to bomb attacks.

Syria's War

WHO's Elizabeth Hoff pressed on Syria healthcare crisis

Elizabeth Hoff, WHO Syria Representative in Damascus, talks to Al Jazeera about besiegement tactics, evacuations and the spread of communicable diseases, as well as criticism that the UN has not fulfilled its obligations to protect civilians.


US: More rural hospitals at risk of closing

Since 2010, more than 80 US rural hospitals have closed and hundreds more are at risk of shutting their doors.


US campaigners eye opening for Euro-style healthcare

After the latest failure to scrap Obamacare, campaigners spy a rare chance to roll out coverage for all Americans.

US campaigners eye opening for Euro-style healthcare

US & Canada

US senate votes to open debate on Obamacare repeal

Vice President Mike Pence forced to cast the tie-breaking vote on moving forward with the senate healthcare debate.