The Listening Post

Red lines and military strikes: Media coverage of the Syrian war

We map the politics and aesthetics of the Syria news coverage. Plus, what's behind enduring sexism in the Italian media?

Counting the Cost

What will it take to close Britain's gender pay gap?

Pay data from over 10,000 organisations show that on average men are paid more than women at most UK firms.


Report: Sexual misconduct at UK universities is rife

Survey by UK's student union has found four in 10 students experienced staff sexual misconduct at least once.

Sexual misconduct at UK universities an 'open secret': report


UK companies face deadline to register gender pay gap

Advocates have expressed hope the data will help companies address inequality, but critics call it 'worse than useless'.

UK companies approach deadline to register gender pay gap


Pakistan's transgenders benefit from legal protections

Despite help from Supreme Court decisions, members of sexual minority say, on the ground, progress often feels distant.

Pakistan's transgender community takes another step forward

Talk to Al Jazeera

Rokhaya Diallo: Race, religion and feminism in France

The French activist talks to Al Jazeera about religion, gender and state-sponsored racism in today's France.


In Iceland, it's now illegal to pay men more than women

Companies and government agencies employing at least 25 people will have to obtain certification of equal-pay policies.

In Iceland, it's now illegal to pay men more than women


The tale of Parveen whose husband bit her nose off

With female foeticide still widespread, one woman tells her story of being mutilated for giving birth to her daughters.

Gender violence in India: 'Daughters are not a burden'


Aamir Khan: The Snake Charmer

Can Aamir Khan create lasting change in Indian society or is he just another Bollywood star playing the role of a hero?


What makes someone a 'feminist'?

We debate whether all women's choices can be considered 'feminist'.


Muhammad Yunus: Aung San Suu Kyi 'has to fix it'

We speak to Nobel Peace laureate Muhammad Yunus about the Rohingya crisis, and debate what makes a feminist.


The last shepherdesses of Pamir

The valley at an altitude over 4,500 metres has seen gradual desertion as youngsters move out for better opportunities.

The last shepherdesses of Pamir in Pakistan

Al Jazeera World

Oman's Sailing Stars

How four young Omani women sailors challenge stereotypes and push the limits to represent their country internationally.

Counting the Cost

Sexism in Silicon Valley

As Google finds itself in the centre of a gender gap media storm, we examine the prevalence of sexism in the workplace.

Science & Technology

Google fires employee who authored anti-diversity memo

Google fires engineer of an internal memo defending the gender-gap in Silicon Valley tech jobs as a matter of biology.

Google fires employee who authored anti-diversity memo