Yemen's cancer patients suffer as clinics are closing

There is only one cancer treatment centre which is nearby for patients in Hodeidah and surrounding areas.

Middle East

Cancer patients in Yemen struggle to survive as options diminish

Even before the war, many Yemenis could not afford treatment, but now it has become nearly impossible as one specialised cancer treatment facility, that does not even have the means to provide chemotherapy, may soon shut down.


New blood test hailed as skin cancer breakthrough

Scientists from Edith Cowan University say the new test could help doctors detect the skin cancer before it spreads.

Australian scientists develop 'world's first' melanoma blood test


Ivory Coast: Does smoking fish the traditional way cause cancer?

Ivory Coast is asking people to use modern methods to produce the smoked fish beloved by so many.


The Glass Wall: Isolated by Cancer

A Dutch teenager records video diaries when she is locked behind a hospital's glass wall for a bone marrow transplant.

US & Canada

'Liquid biopsy' spots early-stage cancers in blood

US researchers report progress in identifying early-stage cancer by scanning blood for tumour-specific DNA.

'Liquid biopsy' spots early-stage cancers in blood

Reporter's Notebook

The UK's genome sequencing project

The 100,000 Genome Project looks to find what causes rare diseases and cancers.


W. Sisters' Beauty Salon: Beauty Beyond Cancer

A specialist hair and beauty salon provides a safe haven for women to share their stories about living with cancer.


Can cannabis combat cancer?

On World Cancer Day, scientists highlight promising cannabis results in rats to fight disease with minor side-effects.

Can cannabis combat cancer?

Africa Investigates

Ghana: Cancer Ward

We investigate why breast cancer is such a deadly disease for women in West Africa.


Jimmy Carter declared free of brain cancer

Recent MRI scan shows no signs of the original cancer spots on the brain of the former American president.

Jimmy Carter declared free of brain cancer

Child rights

Losing Laura: Growing up without mum

Twelve-year-old Garrett's greatest worry is that he will one day forget his mother, who died from cancer four years ago.

Losing Laura: Growing up without mum


What this picture means to me: The last summer

"For a few moments, as she floated in the sea, there was no walker or cane, no cancer, just life ...."

What this picture means to me: The last summer

The Cure

Gene Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis

A new experimental therapy helps tackle genetic disorders by addressing their root cause - faulty genes.


Can high-tech goggles revolutionise cancer surgery?

How surgeons use military technology in the operating theatre to see cancer in the dark; plus, CT scanning for fossils.