Asia Pacific

Thailand government reconsiders pesticide use

Thailand’s government is reconsidering the use of three toxic weed killers, one of which, paraquat, is already banned in more than 30 countries.


How Spain's traditional grazing methods prevent wildfires

In southwest Spain, sheep and goat grazing creates natural firebreaks in the landscape, but as shepherding becomes less popular, the number of fires is increasing.

Middle East

Iraq's farmers hit hard by crippling water shortages

With one in five Iraqis working as farmers, crippling water shortages have pushed many to find alternative employment.

Iraq's farmers hit hard by water shortages


South Africa moving to expropriate white farmers' land

Country's president says ruling party to push ahead with plans to redistribute land, without compensation for white farmers, widening concerns.

Counting the Cost

The cost of chocolate

How the biggest producers of cocoa beans are struggling to afford the very commodity that supports their economies.


Life in the urban jungle: Can Australia save its koalas?

We travel to Brisbane to meet scientists and volunteers trying to prevent the extinction of Australia's iconic koala.

Life in the urban jungle: Can Australia save its koalas?


Test-tube burgers and the future of meat

A look at advances in the development of lab meat that may provide carnivores with their dinners in the future.

Test-tube burgers and the future of meat


Farming underwater: 3D solutions for land and sea

We plunge into the deep end of how 3D ocean farming is proving to be the new sustainable way of food production.


Food for thought: Food security, population growth & over-farming

We look at the state of global food security amid rising concerns about the world population and climate change.


Cyclone shield: Breathing new life into Myanmar's mangroves

Investigating Myanmar's mangrove crisis and how technology and ground roots solutions can work hand in hand.


UK farmers concerned about future post-Brexit

For more than forty years, Brussels has influenced the way in which agriculture was done in the UK, but with Brexit looming, there is both hope and trepidation about the inevitable changes coming.


Farming in the US facing a tough future

The US state of Indiana is attempting to interest young people in farming, but start-up costs pose considerable barriers to entry for new small-scale farmers.


Zimbabwe seizure of tobacco farms hamper production

Observers worry that farms have been left derelict and that infrastructure is suffering.


Indian farmers' 'long march' forces government to act

About 40,000 farmers camp in Mumbai, country's financial hub, to demand land rights and support for the farming sector.

A 'long march' by India's farmers forces government to act


India: Thousands of farmers march for more rights

About 50,000 farmers have reached India's financial capital, Mumbai, after a five-day protest march. They are demanding aid from the government, better crop prices and more access to land.