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Iraq's Dying Rivers

War and pollution plague the fertile crescent's Tigris and Euphrates rivers, leaving fishermen struggling to survive.


The Seed Queen of Palestine

Can one woman's mission to revive ancient heirloom seeds inspire a celebration of traditional Palestinian food?

Asia Pacific

The Indonesians turning dirty waterways into clean fish farms

A group of villagers comes up with sustainable plan to stop people from polluting their water channels - and it worked.

The Indonesians turning dirty waterways into clean fish farms


'It's about our existence': India's protesting farmers

Indian farmers to demand government support for agriculture sector with bills for debt relief and to set minimum prices.

Against backdrop of suicides and debt, farmers demand action


Australia warns of 'hotter than normal' summer raising fire risk

Prediction comes as forest fires force evacuations in Queensland and country's farmers battle drought.

Australia warns of 'hotter than normal' summer raising fire risk

In the Field

In the grip of drought: Should Australia's farmers be subsidised?

We speak to eastern Australian farmers in need of financial aid and those who claim there are better solutions.

Counting the Cost

Khashoggi case: What's next for Saudi Arabia's economic dream?

Investors publicly distance themselves from Saudi Arabia after the Khashoggi case sparks an international outcry.

Special series

World Food Day: Must-Watch Documentaries

From South Korea's Kimchi craze to Egypt's breadline - Al Jazeera's documentary picks for World Food Day, and every day.

World Food Day: Must-Watch Documentaries

Latin America

El Salvador's disappearing farmers

Salvadoran youth are abandoning the countryside, leaving behind an increasingly aging population of farmers.

El Salvador's disappearing farmers


Rwanda's slow-brewing love affair with coffee

Despite its important role in the economy, coffee isn't part of daily life for most Rwandans but things are changing.

Rwanda's reluctant love affair with coffee

US & Canada

Canadian dairy a sticking point in NAFTA negotiations

Canadian dairy farmers fear their industry will be in danger if the government gives in to US demands.

Asia Pacific

Thailand government reconsiders pesticide use

Thailand’s government is reconsidering the use of three toxic weed killers, one of which, paraquat, is already banned in more than 30 countries.


How Spain's traditional grazing methods prevent wildfires

In southwest Spain, sheep and goat grazing creates natural firebreaks in the landscape, but as shepherding becomes less popular, the number of fires is increasing.

Middle East

Iraq's farmers hit hard by crippling water shortages

With one in five Iraqis working as farmers, crippling water shortages have pushed many to find alternative employment.

Iraq's farmers hit hard by water shortages


South Africa moving to expropriate white farmers' land

Country's president says ruling party to push ahead with plans to redistribute land, without compensation for white farmers, widening concerns.