Syrian refugees fear exile over confiscation law

Syrian government pushes legislation that allows seizure of homes left vacant by refugees.

Middle East

Syrian refugees in Lebanon fear they may never return home

Bashar al-Assad's government is planning to seize the property of any of the five million Syrian refugees who cannot prove ownership of their homes.

Syrian Refugees

UN agencies appeal for funds for Syrian refugees to avoid cuts

The war in Syria has created the world's largest refugee crisis and the international community has funded less than one-third of the $5.6bn required to support them.


Have you heard the one about the Syrian refugee?

Using stand-up comedy as a way to address stereotypes, a group in Istanbul finds humour in bleak experiences.

The Syrian refugee comedians of Istanbul breaking stereotypes

Middle East

'I miss family gatherings': Syrians observe Ramadan in camps

Most Syrian refugee families tell the same story; eviction, loss and anxiety over an uncertain future. During the holy month, their yearning to return to their homes and families is stronger than ever.

Syria's War

Syrian refugees: Tension and solidarity in exile in Lebanon

While Lebanese have shown solidarity with Syrians fleeing war, tensions have arisen over limited resources and jobs.

Syrian refugees: Tension and solidarity in exile in Lebanon


All you need to know about Lebanon's elections

Lebanon heads to general elections for the first time in nine years.

Lebanon elections 2018: Politics as usual

Syria's War

Death toll rises in Syria's Yarmouk refugee camp

Dozens of civilians have been killed in the latest bout of fighting in Syria's Yarmouk camp for Palestinian refugees.

Estimated 60 percent of Yarmouk destroyed amid violence: Group


Between Ai Weiwei and Bashar al-Assad, we wonder

What should we make of Ai Weiwei's 'Laundromat' installation?

Hamid Dabashi

by Hamid Dabashi

Hamid Dabashi

Asia Pacific

'It's going to be OK one day': Syrian asylum seeker in KL airport

The Syrian asylum seeker, who's been stuck in Kuala Lumpur airport for more than a month, has received a swell of support from strangers on social media.

Middle East

Jordan's refugee camp that houses 80,000 Syrians

For almost 80,000 Syrians that fled the war, the camp is home. Almost 60 percent of the camp's population is under-24.

Syria's war: Inside Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp


Meet the man educating Syria's lost generation

As his house burned down, he ran inside to grab his university ID. Meet the man teaching Syria's lost generation.

Educating Syria's lost generation


Syrian refugee: I want to stay in Zanzibar until death

There are just a few hundred Syrians in Tanzania and while some have managed to settle in, others struggle to find work.

Zanzibar's tiny Syrian refugee community seeks slice of paradise


'I defy you to stay 48h': Life in Cyprus refugee camp

Hundreds of asylum seekers from Middle East and Africa are hosted in a remote Cypriot centre where conditions are bleak.

Inside Kofinou asylum centre, a life of grim uncertainty

Arts & Culture

Berlin Film Festival: what happens to refugees' hopes?

What happens when a refugee's fears and dreams of a better future turn into something else? This is what films at this years BFF are taking a look at.