Syria's Civil War

Syrian child actor killed as he tried to escape Aleppo

Fourteen-year-old Qusai Abtini was killed as he tried to escape during the most recent shelling of the city.

Inside Story

Who's to blame for the worsening refugee crisis?

The UN says the number of refugees reached a record high of more than 60 million people last year.

Humanitarian crises

World Humanitarian Summit attacks 'broken' system

Participants in UN summit in Istanbul call for better aid system and new focus on preventing trouble before it begins.

Middle East

Merkel: Turkey must meet all terms for visa-free travel

German leader says July 1 target date could be delayed owing to disputes with Ankara over anti-terror law.

War & Conflict

Kerry holds talks on Syria crisis in Saudi Arabia

US secretary hopes to strengthen "cessation of hostilities" in Syria before international talks in Vienna over crisis.

Humanitarian crises

Syria's war horrors

Two hospitals in Homs hit by suspected government air strikes while medical workers shot dead north of Damascus.

Humanitarian crises

My Arab Spring: Syria's revolution betrayed

Activists did not know how to find a common ground, ultimately harming the uprising.

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Can Greece cope with the refugee crisis?

Thousands of refugees are stranded in Greece after other European countries imposed a cap on arrivals.

Humanitarian crises

Diary of a Syrian refugee family trying to reach Greece

'Daddy, why don't we just take the airplane?' asks one of Delvan's daughters as they contemplate crossing the rough sea.


Syrian journalists struggle to make ends meet amid war

With most foreign press gone from Syria, local reporters serve as a crucial source of information during the war.

War & Conflict

Thousands head to Turkey fleeing Syrian offensive

Flight from northern Aleppo province's countryside prompted by government's success in breaking through rebel defences.


Arena: Can the Syrian peace talks be saved?

Bassam Barabandi, a political adviser to the Syrian opposition, discusses the prospects for peace in Syria.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia willing to send ground troops to Syria

After recent military gains by Assad forces, Gulf kingdom ready to put boots on the ground in Syria's escalating war.

Humanitarian crises

Middle East economic growth 'possible through peace'

World Bank report says GDP growth could increase from 3.3 percent to 7.8 percent in five years if conflicts ended.

War & Conflict

Air strikes kill dozens in Syria's Aleppo

Residents suffering in besieged areas as Russian attacks intensify after peace talks break down.